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CCSVI Alliance

Designed by Onoma

Among the many social innovations enabled by the Internet, the creation of health care communities by and for patients must rank high as a game-changer. They create a new class of non-profit clients for identity designers, too.

CCSVI, Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency, is a condition identified and named just two years ago (by Dr. Paolo Zamboni of the University of Ferrara, Italy), involving obstructed blood flow in the veins that drain the brain and spinal cord. It is strongly linked with (and presumably a contributing cause of) MS, multiple sclerosis. The CCSVI Alliance was founded by a small group "intimately familiar with both multiple sclerosis and CCSVI; we live it." Its purpose is to educate patients with research-based information, provide tools for patients to advocate for themselves, and to support CCSVI research.

Through personal connections, co-founder Randi Cohen found her way to designer Roger van den Bergh, bringing with her the idea of veins in a leaf and the tag line "Opening veins, opening minds." Pro bono, Roger provided an elegantly drawn leaf, balanced in feeling between horticulture and anatomy, and a cool visual system.





The new mark (and website) launched July 26, 2010.

Design:  Onoma; Roger van den Bergh
For CCSVI Alliance:  Sharon Richardson, President, and VP Randi Cohen

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