25 10 SEPTEMBER 2013 | 18:35 GMT

The Biggest Problem with Yahoo’s New Logo

by contributor Paul Burke

New Yahoo Logo explained

Yahoo’s new wordmark has been out for a few days now, and it’s been widely panned by branding pros and laypersons alike. Is the logo any good? I have an opinion, but there’s a more fundamental question that merits discussion, and that other brands embarking on a potential logo redesign should answer first.

Why did Yahoo need a new logo in the first place? Continue reading this entry >>

24 03 SEPTEMBER 2013 | 15:46 GMT

How apps can best build brands

by author Dan Dimmock

Think about your smartphone for a moment. Of all the apps you have downloaded, how many are “branded”, i.e. mobile apps created by a brand you like or admire? Now ask yourself something else: in the last three months how many of these apps have you used more than once? Does the answer surprise you?

Mobile marketing, as a marketing channel, has experienced substantial growth recently but its effectiveness as a means for brands to create more valuable and lasting relationships with customers has to date been utilised by only a few. By following several key strategic steps, some brands have discovered ways of using mobile technology to deliver real customer value and build brand loyalty.

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23 29 FEBRUARY 2012 | 20:13 GMT

Does the Red Cross have it wrong?

by contributor Paul Burke

The American Red Cross has rolled out a refinement to their logo, designed by Turner Duckworth. What they should have done is refine their brand architecture.

Making the logo look like a pin is a cute (if contrived) idea, and 3D effects are a little 2005 for us. We’ll leave more comprehensive critiques to the commenters at Brand New, but this refinement of the identity seems like a big lost opportunity to us. Continue reading this entry >>

22 25 JUNE 2011 | 20:16 GMT

From brand.com to con.brand?

by author Dan Dimmock

Should brand owners invest in ownership of their own “.brand” domain, or is this just one last ICANN effort to monetize a no-longer-so-important monopoly? 

Three years ago, rumour first began circulating about the possibility of private ownership of top level URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). On June 20 2011, ICANN, the governing body for online domain names, formally approved a decision to allow organisations to register their own names at the top level of the Internet naming hierarchy — appropriately referred to as Top Level Domains, or TLDs for short. Continue reading this entry >>

21 25 JUNE 2011 | 14:41 GMT

Lie to Me - A new brand promise

by contributor Larry Ackerman

Truth really is stranger than fiction. Seems that some really great brands are really great liars; really excelllent at the art of deception. I just contacted Harman-Kardon, the legendary maker of higher end speakers and other stereo/surround sound equipment. I have this system I bought for my computer and one of the speakers developed a hiss that wouldn’t go away. So, like any loyal brand guy, I wrote and asked if I could buy a replacement speaker so I could keep the system intact.

24 hours later, I got a response that blew me away…totally unexpected. Here it is and I quote: Continue reading this entry >>

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